Thursday, August 20, 2009

Daddy, I am wonderful!

We have loved our time in Colorado at MTI. MTI is a training institute that helps develop our understanding of ourselves, the culture we are heading to and how Christ's love for us is everything. They are teaching us how to be learners and how to see joy in each situation. We have also learned that life is like a pair of ducks (paradox). We live with great joy and great sorrow. These feelings usually come in pairs and God has designed us to live in both at once. This is truly how we feel and it is nice to be able to talk about it with each other and our kids, even if it means using a "yeah" duck and a "yuck"duck. According to Lilli, Africa has many yeah ducks, including new foods and new friends. However, she sees two main yuck ducks- lions and leaving grandparents and friends.
We have laughed a lot here and have many great stories we hope to share. My favorite is noted in the title. The children have been memorizing Psalms 139 and learning the promise that God has made us, loves us and will always be with us- even if we move far away. Patton's class learned the specific verse "I am fearfully and wonderfully made." I asked Patton one night on our sharing rock (a climbing rock on the playground), to share his verse. He looked at me, paused, then said in his sweet husky voice, "Daddy, I am wonderful!" I laughed, grabbed him up and declared, "Patton, you are wonderful!" What great news. When we see each other, we so often see how marred and scarred we are and live with fear or shame. But our Abba father sees us as wonderful!