Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oliyo from Bundibugyo

We are thankful to say that WE ARE HOME!

Thank you for praying for our transition to Uganda. The Lord has
answered your prayers in mighty ways.

In the three days that we have been in Bundibugyo, we have met all of
the team, started unpacking and settling into our home, signed in with
the local coucilman for the village, played outside, and visited the
Saturday market.

While at the market today, I was both grateful and in shock that this
is now MY market, these were MY neighbors, and we now LIVE IN AFRICA.
It is both humbling and awe-inspiring to know that this God's plan for
us. I am curious to see how he changes us and uses us here.

And we are grateful for your prayers. Praise God with us for:
~Travis enjoyed learning medicine and spending time with seasoned
missionary doctors at the African Christian Medical Dental Conference.
~During those two weeks in Kenya, the kids and I got over the 9 hour
time difference and got into the African rhythm of life. We even saw a
few types of monkeys at our housing!
~ ALL our LUGGAGE MADE IT! Thanks to the Myrhes and Scott Will, our
many bags made it across the border with no problems. Even the double
stroller that we accidentally left at the guesthouse somehow made it
with someone to the Myrhes who were traveling a few days behind us to
~In the last minute of packing all our stuff in our new truck and
preparing for a 9 hour trip over uncertain roads, GOD PROVIDED a
precious black lab PUPPY! We considered calling him Max as we were
certainly at our max for life changes, but have decided upon "BOWTO"
the Lebwisi word from "friend." He is a sweet little one who loves to
be right with us and the kids adore him! He has been especially
positive for Lilli as she is getting over her fear of dogs and is a
wonderful blessing for her to focus on during all of these
transitions. Having this "gain" makes the other losses of familiar
things not feel so hard.
~Travis is living out his lifelong dream of driving a LandCruiser
through the bush of Africa. He skillfully navigated the crazy,
crowded, and unmarked roads in the city of Kampala and over the rutted
and muddy road to Bundibugyo. The kids were cheerful and Aidan
miraculously slept most of the 9 hour bumpy ride. We are so glad that
drive is behind us for now!
~We have been graciously welcomed by the team and are enjoying getting
to know them better. What sweet fellowship!
~We are healthy! Hallelujah!

Again, thank you for praying us here.
We will keep you posted about how to continue to pray specifically.
Until then, please join us in praising God for his faithfulness.
All our love,
Amy and the Johnsons

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lessons Learned in our First Weeks

Now in our last night in Kenya, we are enjoying internet access at the missionary guesthouse. Over the past two weeks of adjusting to life in Africa, we have learned a few lessons:
1. Advertisement for a heated pool in a London hotel means that there is no ice on it.
2."Power Boy" laundry detergent is just as safe as hypo-allergenic baby detergent for washing baby clothes.
3. The orange drink in the bottle at "tea time" is actually made to add to water for a punch-type drink, not meant to be drunk alone...and can keep your child awake for hours!
4. When checking in extra baggage at the airport, make sure that bag doesn't contain all your diapers!
5. Lilli and Patton love to play "Safari Hunt" in which they wear safari hats and carry a box to collect treasures they find on their hiking adventures.
6. I can make popcorn on the gas stove...this suburban mom is going to survive!
7. A sunset over the Rift Valley is stunning.
8. You can make up a lot of games with pom-pom balls and popsicle sticks.
9. The only Swahili words we knew came from "The Lion King": Hasanti sana, squashed banana!
10. The name given to me by the guesthouse worker, Mama Amos, is "Mama Bebe" as I am a mama of a baby. It makes sense. Her son is Amos.

We fly to Entebbe Uganda tomorrow. Lilli has picked out her favorite dress for her arrival. Watch out Uganda, the Johnsons are coming!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Aidan's African Riverdance

We have loved time with our team and set aside time to study African medicine before entering the jungles of Bundibugyo. We could not be more blessed with the team that God has given us. The time at Brackenhurst has introduced us to so many incredible people sharing Jesus through medicine across the continent. The children are doing great. You can see their little wheels turning as each day they process the new people, scenery, and foods. Patton is hanging out with some dear friends from Mali today. They have cars and a spiderman outfit! Lilli is having her first school session with Miss Ashley. She is so excited. She was most concerned to know if they have circle time and craft time at the schools in Africa. Aidan, being disappointed that he may not make the Winter Olympics growing up in Africa, and having little else to do as a 3 mo, has decided to take up another competitive sport. Enjoy the video.
Much love,

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The First Week

Wow, its been a week. Our pastor told us that the thing he and his wife miss most about missions is the constant absolute dependence to see God show up everyday, or else they did not know if they were going to make it. It is so true. Thanks for praying with us. He has helped us on the airplane, through airports, with the luggage, sustaining the kids, living in a foreign capital city with 3 kids (including a 3 mo) without knowing anyone, connecting with friends and sleeping through the night. He has also thrown in feeding of giraffes, a random monkey and a wonderful new team just because he delights to. Lilli has been our photo journalist and has taken over a hundred photos on her fisher-price camera. S0, here is a look at our first week from three feet off the ground.