Thursday, September 5, 2013

photos with updates

Maybe my favorite part of the summer: Fresh Key Lime Pie from a farm stand on Edisto Island
Hanging out with the Mancini children
Travis with his best friend from Furman days,  Captain Doctor John Mancini
The conversation went something like this:
Amy: "I always buy lemonade from kids selling at a lemonade stand."
Travis: "Look at that dirt floating in the cup. That is precisely
why I never buy lemonade from kids at a lemonade stand."
Amy: "I never said I was going to drink it."
Fourth of July fun with cousins at the beautiful Edisto Beach
MKs from different continents but the same silliness
After much hard work during "Daddy Sports Camp" Lillian and Patton mastered RipSticks! Aidan loves being pushed during outings, making up for three years of never being in a stroller.

Chemo breakfast: pumpkin pie. In an effort to keep his weight up, I will feed Travis anything that sounds good to eat!
At the CHOA infusion center, waiting for the helpful poisons.
And after the helpful poisons...
As we were driving back from the CT scan and waiting for the results, this beautiful and broken rainbow was a sweet "God wink". He has sent rainbows in some pretty important points in our life. Thankful for this one!
A surprise visit from Kevin B, the founder of Christ School Bundibugyo.  A little reunion of CSB Board of Governors! 
Aidan keeps life light!
Aidan was so glad to finally meet his littlest brother, Abner Benjamin Sol Stevens!
The four Bundi Blondies!
Finch getting Aidan's contact information in his new iPhone

The Johnson Clan gives Highlands NC ice cream a thumbs up!
Bella gave birth to eight healthy puppies!
So cute! 
All in new homes across these two in Jinja with their mother Bella.
The Tuesday Treat Ladies Strike again! This time with Father's Day golf cupcakes.
A visit with the Bundi-Bound Wheeler Family was truly bittersweet!
Aidan and Miles playing trains.
I added this one to document my best attempt at laying train tracks, not quite my specialty, but I tried!
Patton at his belt test for Karate.
With his best buddy, Sam
Reunion with Jacksons and Jacksons
Sweet friends through the years! Now eleven kids strong!
First Day of School: feeling much more comfortable and connected
Tuesday Treat Ladies: this time ice cream cupcakes!
African-sized spider makes my Lilli happy!
Lilli's birthday wish: to have ice cream with a few girlfriends.
Her second birthday wish was to have an archery-soccer party with make-your-own-pizza and a birthday pumpkin pie on camouflage forest plates with zebra print balloons. A birthday party as unique as my 9 year old girl!
A happy family

A girl with a gift for archery
A true sportsman
And our little warrior
Three trunks of books from Nashville folks to the Bundi folks through Books for Bundi!
Lilli keeping up with the boys in soccer practice, the beginning of a new school year.