Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back in Uganda!

If there is anything I have learned in the past few years, it is to CELEBRATE when there is a victory!

So, this moment, I celebrate that I can post a blog with our internet!

The internet had been discontinued by the satellite people while we were gone, the lady in charge was away, there were satellite problems in Nairobi (same story, different verse), so upon arrival we had no internet. But, as SuperJosh has now arrived, he patiently worked with the IT people and we are now on the information superhighway. Ok, not super fast, so let's call it the information road.

But we are connected. And it feels good.

As I have taken a two month break from blogging, there will be much to remark on, but for now, please know that we appreciate all of our dear friends and family who hosted us, took time off work to be with us, fed us, clothed us, talked with us, laughed with us, made our children feel special, prayed for us, and gave us courage to come back serve God here in Bundibugyo. We are grateful.

I ask for prayer for several important things:
1. There is a water shortage again for parts of Nyahuka.
2. Travis is sick (probably tonsillitis) and unable to get out of bed.
3. Jessica had a fall and received stitches. Pray for no infection and for quick healing.
4. New teammates Josh (water engineer!) and Pamela (RMS teacher!) to feel at home and trust Jesus as they are in the midst of cultural adaptation.
5. For all you moms who have gone through this, you won't laugh that I put this as a prayer request: Aidan is giving up the pacifier (ok, I am pulling the plug!) which means that he is not sleeping very much. Pray for his adjustment and for patience for me in the middle of the night!
6. Christ School Bundibugyo students are beginning 6 weeks of end of year exams. This is significant for those who desire to score high enough to continue to S5 (equivalent of junior college) and those who want to go to university.
7. Lilli and Patton and Miss Anna as they all begin kindergarten and second grade at RMS.

Thanks, friends!
Much love from Amy