Wednesday, September 10, 2014

doorbell angel

At 3am this morning the doorbell rang. Alarmed, I woke up and tried to rouse Travis to come and check to see who was at the door at this unusual hour. He muttered, "It's probably nothing. Just the funny electrical wiring that made the doorbell ring." Since we live in a house that is over 100 years old, it was a reasonable thought that wonky electrical wiring would make a doorbell ring randomly. But since the doorbell is one of those grand ones that chimes a long chorus and it was the middle of the night, I was awake. And he was going to be awake with me!
When we opened the door, no one was there. However, I noticed that my car door was opened. Closing it, I wondered if we would have to call the neighbor to jump start my car (since Travis's 27 year old Land Crusier is currently up on blocks). And then I went back to sleep.
This morning, I checked the car. Battery works! Hooray!
I told the story of the middle-of-the-night-doorbell-which-awoke-me-to-close-that-door-so-that-we-can-now-drive-our-car-to-school story to the kids. Lillian, my tender heart, said, "Mom, I believe that an angel rang to doorbell to wake you so our battery would not be dead. Isn't that awesome?!"
"The  heart that serves, and loves, and clings, hears everywhere the rush of angel wings."
I pray that my heart would first jump to conclusions of God working everywhere and anytime.