Thursday, April 11, 2013

these days

these days are new types of days for all of us.

greetings at 6am by surgeons who check progress or lack of progress
hooking and unhooking and hooking up to the iv machine in order to move in and out of bed
walking slowly down the hall, pushing the iv pole, joining in the parade of post surgery patients
picking up mimi from the airport who has come to be stability and softness for our kids
praying for patients who are all alone in their rooms
greeting the therapy dog "sid"and chatting with the vet lady who brings happiness to patients
watching travis consume only half a cup of jello in 4 days time
being prayed over again and again by faithful pastors who love us dearly
bringing down the average age of patients on this hall by 25-30 years
changing of the guard with mom j when i need to go and be a mom myself
watching nate and t together, brothers through thick and thin
driving to soccer practice and dental appointments
being so thankful for meals brought by dear friends and chef bob
sitting next to travis, reading psalms when he is in too much pain to talk
thankful for the ng tube that is pulling out liquids from his stomach that were causing so much pain
trying to watch "downton abbey" but realizing that we have enough drama to fill a room
hugging the kiddos in a 5 minute visit that brought cheer and stability to family life
filling up a wall with pictures and cards
changing of nurses and techs who continue to be helpful and cheerful
enjoying treats from thoughtful friends
napping to make up for interrupted and uncomfortable sleep
waiting for pathology results 
waiting for digestive systems to work together
waiting for healing from surgery
praying together, resting together, thanking together

Monday, April 8, 2013

meet us in the recovery room

It would be a joy to have the faces of those that love him and are praying for him to be smiling on him in his recovery room. Please email a picture, be it silly, traditional, or just smiling to

We will print them out so that as he is recovering, he will see YOU!

If you would like to send him cards, music, or dvds for the week of recovery in the hospital, you can mail it to 250 Island Park Circle, Unit 102, Daniel Island, SC 29492.

Thank you, dear friends.

out of surgery...praise God!

Travis is out of surgery and now recovering in his hospital room. He is not very comfortable but he is alive and for that we are so thankful.

When I received the phone call from the nurse that said that the three hour surgery was over and Travis was "okay" a wave of relief washed over me. I think I had been holding my breath for three hours. How grateful we are for the work of the surgeons and nurses, for the prayers of the saints, and for the quiet and cleanliness of this room. We now wait for the results of the biopsy which will help determine what lies ahead in terms of treatment.

My mom once told me that the sweetest sound to a wife's ear is the snoring of her husband in the bed next to her...a sound widows miss the most. When Travis was in surgery, he was laying with his feet higher in elevation than his head as they pushed air into his colon. That air is now needing to come out. I have to say that those burps are the sweetest sound to my ears!