Friday, May 31, 2013


When I told a friend that the kids were going to spend a few days with my mother at the lake, she said, “ohhh, a vacation for you two!” 

Well, kinda. If the kids were not being sent away because Travis is having chemotherapy and then ensuing sickness, then it would be a wonderful kid-free "stay-cation". But he is having chemo and he is sick, so we are calling this “chemo-cation” and have enjoyed a slow pace of late morning walks, protein pumped smoothies, naps (for him), cleaning (for me), and time to process and dream again. 

The chemo is done. The kids are on I-26 coming home. Honestly, I am glad for the end of this chemo-cation.

Monday, May 20, 2013

just where we are

It's the last week of school. While usually an exciting time, this week is a tough one.

Before the cancer diagnosis, we had planned to be in Spain for two weeks of leadership training and conference meetings. As this gathering only happens every three years, we were eager to see friends with whom we had instantly bonded at the last conference. I was also excited by the fact that as my kiddos are now three years older, instead of breastfeeding a 6 month old in the back of the room, I could attend all the meetings and enjoy some grown-up conversations!

But, instead, we are working to get a refund on our tickets, admire the pictures of the conference on Facebook, prepare for end of school events, take slow walks to try to overcome side effects of chemotherapy, and try to count our blessings.

Yesterday, we gave some good news and some bad news to the kids. Bella had 8 healthy puppies. The timing was not what we had planned and our business plan of selling puppies to save for a vacation are not going to pan out. But there is nothing cuter than lab puppies and I am sure they will make someone happy. The sad news is that since we are delayed in our return and they are not getting good care, we need to find new homes for the dogs. This is plain hard. Lots of tears. Lots of loss. That's all I can say about that.

Days like these, being where we are instead of where we want to be and doing thing we would rather not do, remind me that some days, maybe weeks or month, are just plain hard. And that's ok. I love what the Fort Portal vanilla-farmer, Lulu, once told me: "Some people have the bounce back factor. Things don't work out as they had planned, but they bounce back. Those people are the ones that are going to make it."

I know we are Bounce Back People.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

bundi video

Intern Margaret Varina Hart created a video about Bundibugyo.

Simply Beautiful.

photos from the last month

My beautiful sister Meghan on her wedding day, April 6th
Lilli, an attendant, and I as matron of honor
Aidan...need I say more?!

Patton and his cousin Charlie (with silly Aidan) waiting during the rehearsal
And two days after the wedding, in the pre-op room before surgery
A visit from WHM Missionary Care Leader, Meredith Elder, the day before the first chemotherapy
And Josiah Bancroft, our NC pastor, good friend, and WHM Director of Ministry
And then they sent the "big gun" Bob Osborne, WHM Chief of All
Post Chemo Snuggles on the couch
Proud of our Lillian who is learning the rules to soccer (which are a bit different than "barefoot football in the front yard with a team of 6-14 year old Ugandan neighbors"!)
Patton has proved to be a natural on the field and gives his buddies lots of high fives after goals
And us...