Friday, September 25, 2009

Holding It Up To The Light

This is the first blog entry for Amy, though I have been credited with the others. I am grateful for the blog world, a way to connect with friends, especially when we have moved to a land oh, so far away!

This morning, I woke with the lyrics to the David Wilcox song, "Hold it up to the light" running through my head. Last night, I basically cried myself to sleep wondering how I would ever manage to move with a newborn and two small children to a remote area of Africa where I don't speak the language or know how to find and cook food with minimal electricity. How did I get to this place in life?

However, God's mercies are new every morning (and night too...that just means a good night's sleep for me!). He reminds me that it is The Loving Father's plan, The Gracious Son's will, and the Holy Spirit's empowerment that moves us. And He gives us choices. So, today, what am I going to choose? To be fearful, wallow in self-pity, and be immovable? Or will I trust, seek Him, and be willing to go?

So, today with the help of the Holy Spirit and the lyrics of David Wilcox, I choose to go. To hold all my fears and grieving and hopes and dreams up to the Light. And trust that God's timing is right.

"Hold It Up to the Light" by David Wilcox's
It's the choice of a lifetime - I'm almost sure
I will not live my life in between anymore
If I can't be certain of all that's in store
This far it feels so right
I will hold it up - hold it up to the light,
Hold it up to the light, hold it up to the light

The search for my future has brought me here
This is more than I'd hoped for, but sometimes I fear
That the choice I was made for will someday appear
And I'll be too late for that flight
So hold it up - hold it up to the light,
Hold it up to the light, hold it up to the light

It's too late - to be stopped at the crossroads
Each life here - a possible way
But wait - and they all will be lost roads
Each road's getting shorter the longer I stay

Now as soon as I'm moving - my choice is good
This way comes through right where I prayed that it would
If I keep my eyes open and look where I should
Somehow all of the signs are in sight
If I hold it up to the light

I said God, will you bless this decision?
I'm scared, Is my life at stake?
But I see if you gave me a vision
Would I never have reason to use my faith?

I was dead with deciding - afraid to choose
I was mourning the loss of the choices I'd lose
But there's no choice at all if I don't make my move
And trust that the timing is right
Yes and hold it up hold it up to the light
Hold it up to the light, hold it up to the light


David Wilcox, all rights reserved


  1. sweet a
    i love your thoughts
    hope today has brought more hope and perseverance.
    you can do of all people can do this...with God's help.
    I was glad to get T's letter.
    We will continue to pray.

    Glad to giggle at the photo of your princess and her knight:)
    love it.

    Hugs from CA

  2. Praying for you and your family, that God will always enable you to choose to go, to choose His way.

    God always fulfills His promises.

    Thanks for such an honest blog post, Amy.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Amy. I shed tears as I read this.

    You are doing a risky thing, entrusting yourself into His hands without being able to see how it will turn out. Fortunately, He is Sure.

    I look forward to seeing you.