Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sharing Jesus

As we go to Uganda, I cannot wait to share Jesus with you! Yes, I know we "know" Him already, but we are going to have an incredible time seeing Him together, begging for Him together, being met by Him together, and celebrating with Him together. We get to share Jesus together! This story by Helen Roseveare reminded me of why I am so thankful to be called by Him. It also reminded me why I am so thankful that He has called us together. He loves us with a never stopping, never breaking, never giving up always and forever love! (to quote our children's Jesus Storybook Bible.) The story also makes me incredibly thankful that you are going to Uganda with us. This story shows how real your "going" with us will be. We need you every step of the way- probably in ways we do not even know yet. tj

Helen Roseveare was a missionary in the Congo for 20 years. Her story is an amazing account of God working through some one who was willing to be available. I was first introduced to Helen Roseveare my senior year in college. OK, so I have never actually met her, but I am looking forward to spending a few decades chatting with her in heaven. (I actually did hear her in person. It was at the women's meeting during a Christmas Conference. Amy's dad and I hid around the corner so we could hear her speak and not taint the crowd with testosterone.) My senior year I was given three tapes about her story and have never been the same since. She greatly influenced me and my desire to share Jesus overseas. Like her, we aimed at going to the far east to serve. Like her, we are heading to the middle of Africa. Out of all of the amazing missionaries that God could have used to develop a desire in me to go overseas, it is sweet that He chose her. Last week Amy's parents gave us a digital copy of the old tapes we had 12 years ago. (This is on our website for you to download.) Since we no longer have a cassette player, I have not listened to her story in about a decade. Adding her to the my iPod play list was like dialing up and listening to a long lost friend. What a joy it will be to talk with her one day in person.


  1. Just re-read her book "Give me this Mountain" .. . Those were the days of REAL missionaries, humbling, don't even want to put ourselves in the same category except for the fact that we serve the same God. Jennifer

  2. We were just talking about her this week. Thanks for posting the podcasts!!