Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lessons Learned in our First Weeks

Now in our last night in Kenya, we are enjoying internet access at the missionary guesthouse. Over the past two weeks of adjusting to life in Africa, we have learned a few lessons:
1. Advertisement for a heated pool in a London hotel means that there is no ice on it.
2."Power Boy" laundry detergent is just as safe as hypo-allergenic baby detergent for washing baby clothes.
3. The orange drink in the bottle at "tea time" is actually made to add to water for a punch-type drink, not meant to be drunk alone...and can keep your child awake for hours!
4. When checking in extra baggage at the airport, make sure that bag doesn't contain all your diapers!
5. Lilli and Patton love to play "Safari Hunt" in which they wear safari hats and carry a box to collect treasures they find on their hiking adventures.
6. I can make popcorn on the gas stove...this suburban mom is going to survive!
7. A sunset over the Rift Valley is stunning.
8. You can make up a lot of games with pom-pom balls and popsicle sticks.
9. The only Swahili words we knew came from "The Lion King": Hasanti sana, squashed banana!
10. The name given to me by the guesthouse worker, Mama Amos, is "Mama Bebe" as I am a mama of a baby. It makes sense. Her son is Amos.

We fly to Entebbe Uganda tomorrow. Lilli has picked out her favorite dress for her arrival. Watch out Uganda, the Johnsons are coming!


  1. Uganda is fortunate to have you there, as is the team. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

    The Elwoods

  2. LOVE IT! Classic Amy:)
    So proud of you for how you have handled everything so far.
    (I have done the pack al the diapers thing...ugh)
    The video of Aidan is a hoot. I love his little mane!
    Thinking of you all so often.
    Hugs from all of us here.

    Susan Rice Jones was just in town was fun to share in our excitement for you all.....She is headed to Guatemala this summer.

  3. i LOVE a good johnson top 10! we were thinking back to past top 10's just two nights ago while we were watching the amazing race - they were in isla margarita! (it was funny to me b/c i had read about you guys watching psych and someone going to uganda!) we miss you guys and are so happy to hear what sounds like light hearts :). we love you dearly! i'll send along another email from eden to lilli shortly! good travels!

  4. Welcome to Uganda!

    Actually we are not in Uganda, we are in Macon, Georgia, USA, but we will be back for a 2 week mission trip June 19-July 3. Dr. Ralph Griffin, a good friend, was telling me at breakfast this morning the story of how he met you the Sunday before you flew out of the states in Highlands, NC. I had remembered the name Bundibugyo mentioned when we were in Gulu and Arua in November 2008 but when I looked it up on Google, I realized how "tucked away" you are from all of the main sites of Uganda. I wish we were going to be near enough to visit you and see your ministry while we are there, but
    this time we are headed to Busia to try to help get an ongoing medical clinic started, a water filtration system, and strengthen a school in Bwakama. I would love to keep up with you both and your ministry. Ralph gave me the info and I see from your blog that you flew yesterday to Entebbe as you head to your new home. Sally and I will keep you in our prayers. It sounds like such an exciting opportunity that the Lord has called you into!

  5. Amy Lang Johnson!----Hey, I haven't had a chance to read your blog, but I saw your address in the FU magazine. I wanted to share with you an ultra-cool blog from a neat girl in Uganda.......I've been reading her blog for a while! Do you know her, yet?------
    She has the neatest calling. She has adopted 13 Ugandan girls! You'll love to hear about her! I miss you guys. Can't wait to have a night to sit back and catch up on what y'all are doing!
    Katie McGaha