Friday, November 12, 2010

If there is ever a birthday to celebrate…

A year ago Aidan Birch came into our life and we could not be more thankful for the child God graced us with. He took his time coming- about two weeks past his due date. After this past year, I understand why. It was as if he knew that last moments of sitting still in peace and quiet he may ever have were in the safe little home inside Amy’s belly. Since that time we have spent significant time in 5 different states, 5 different countries and 3 different continents. He has logged well over 20,000 airline miles, seen the world’s highest deep -water lake and crossed over a mountain range with peaks over 15,000 feet- 11 times. He has moved into the jungles of the Congo, is learning two different languages (English and Lubwisi) and has endeared himself to our community in the Semiliki Valley. He has seen eagles, buffalo, giraffe, warthogs, elephants and a lion. He has fed giraffe in Kenya, practiced Kung Fu in Greece and boiled an egg in the Hot Springs of Uganda. Mostly he has helped his sister, brother and bhootu survive their first year on the mission field. And he has done all this while maintaining a growth rate in the top 75% and maintaining social and intelligence development way above average (unbiased doctor assessment.) This kid is awesome and we love him!

When we left a year ago, we were fearful about taking a 3 month old to Africa. He has thrived. God has been so faithful. It is definitely a good day celebrate.

Happy Birthday Aidani!


  1. Happy Birthday to sweet Aidan! I love the pictures of a well enjoyed cupcake :) What a sweet blessing Aidan has been to your lives, and thanks for sharing his joyful celebration with us.

    With love,
    Cindy Nore

  2. I love that sweet little boy (And Lilli and Patton too) He is getting so big and adorable. Miss you all and hope you are enjoying some rest!

  3. What a sweet pea! I can't resist that little smiling face smeared in cake. ;) You know who he looks so much like in these pictures? LOUISE!! She really is a Johnson. haha. :) Love you all; it was so wonderful to see you all again!