Tuesday, January 24, 2012

visitors, puppies, and plumeria

Due to "road work" we have been without power for the past 5 days so our internet (run on solar or generator) has been sparse. We are happy to share photos of our current visitors who are considering missionary service here in Bundibugyo, Lauren G with Lauren and Derek W. Ann, the new VIA VIA (Visitor Intern Apprentice Very Important Administrator) has done a remarkable job of organizing their trip, preparing for their arrival, and coordinating the many experiences of their vision visit. The team has graciously hosted them for meals, taken them to market and the health center, and shared about life here in Bundi.
Ann with Lauren, Lauren and Derek
Travis hands over the keys of USS (the mission property management and employer of 20 Ugandans) to the new Captain USS Josh!
Happy Birthday Josh! We had a fun pizza party, chocolate chocolate cake, gifts, and dance party. Aidan decided that it was his party and he could cry if he wanted to! Lilli and Patton had just been stung by wasps and are a bit swollen in this picture.
Travis and Josh prepare the dough for the pizza.
Lesley, Finch, and Michael Stevens arrived on Monday night! We are SOOOO happy that they are here and are settling into their new home. They are pictured here with their many duffle bags.
Lauren and Derek look over the valley and river to the DRC.
Finch and Aidan share a moment of reading books. They are the future of RMS!
We finally screened in our back porch (which allows for bug free eating!) to host our visitors for an evening of Ugandan food.
Our kids already love Finch!
Yes, you are seeing an ultrasound being done on our female dog, Bella. We are happy to announce that we may soon be the parents to seven labrador puppies!
Lilli with her chameleon, KymKym
The kids had fun playing "Guess which trunk" and then jumping out.
Peek A Boo!
It is dry season which means the plumeria are in bloom. Here, Lilli holds a special six petaled flower.


  1. Hooray Hooray Hooray for the USS keys/captain turnover!!!! Excited for that new found slice of freedom for you, Travis!

  2. oh, and Ann's spectacular visitor coordination! Even Amy gets in on the slices of freedom! So excited for you guys as the team gets bigger and bigger!

  3. Addy would like one of Bella's puppies! :)

  4. I LOVE the screened in porch and that the STEVENS are sitting on it!