Sunday, November 18, 2012

rainy season means mpali

 After having dinner at our teammate's house, we returned to find that we had been invaded by mpali, also known as red ants, safari ants, biting ants. When it rains a lot, they must move their nest, so they march in lines to a new home. However, our casa was not their casa! The most effective method to deter them is to mix kerosene and water and pour it where you do not want them to cross. As they were already in our front room, work room, and kitchen, this meant sweeping out hundreds and hundreds of those mean biters and then pouring kerosene along the inside and outside walls of our house. You can see that I am not so happy with their evening invasion and that they liked to hold on to my local broom! Eventually, we got them out and then had a peaceful night...

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