Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

The kids with Grammy, Poppy and Cousins

As we explained to our friends that we were leaving to the US for 6 months for HMA, they did not seem to understand. One said, "You will be back for Christmas, right?" So I explained to them that we had to go to our villages this Christmas to see our mothers for it had been a couple years since we had done so. This made sense to them and became our line.

So, a few weeks ago, we packed our car and began our trek across Uganda, to Europe, across Europe to meet with a dear friend for debriefing, and then to the US and our villages of Charleston, SC and Nashville, TN.
When we boarded the plane in Brussels to cross the Atlantic, the flight attendant said Merry Christmas. I smiled as I realized we would see my family in a few hours and said, "It sure is."

It is good to be with you this Christmas!
The Johnsons

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