Friday, March 5, 2010

I reserve the right to freak out

When Travis was in medical residency, he always asked his patients who had been married for over 30 years what is the secret to a lasting marriage. Though the answers varied, there is one piece of advice that has pulled us through many-a-crisis:

"Only one of you can be a fool at a time."

This morning at 6 AM, it was my turn to be the fool.

Aidan is now four months old, but as he has slept in 17 different rooms thus far in his wee life, he has not quite established great sleeping patterns and awakes frequently through the night. After his feeding at 5:30 this morning, I was back in my bed peacefully hoping to drift back into sleeping bliss when all of a sudden, I heard what sounded to me as drum beats, a man's voice calling out with responsive men's voices in chants, ending with a high pitch whooping war cry.

To sleep deprived, just off the boat, in the middle of Africa, a few miles from Congo, over imaginative and super protective mom, I just knew THIS WAS IT: All of my fears of in-the-middle-of-the-night-evacuation due to warring tribes was happening. And in the first week of our arrival!

However, my now awakened, sweet husband (who could somehow sleep through this crisis!) spoke truth to me, telling me that we were okay.

And we were.

Later this morning, I learned that the boys' soccer team was out for a morning jog and it is their habit to call out to each other.

I guess it is now Travis's turn to be the fool next.


  1. Oh, Amy! Bless your heart! I just love you! Fill free to freak out anytime! I would have totally thought the same thing. (Actually, when I first started reading your message I thought it WAS the outcry of an angry tribe)! I tell you, my heart is already blessed with how well all of you are getting acquainted with your surroundings and your new friends. We pray for you guys every day during our devotions and the kids still talk about their sweet friend Lillie! Give the kids a big ol' hug for me and tell them I love their new puppy!!
    Love you all!
    Miss Susan

  2. phew
    you have me in tears
    i am glad that you and little aidan are ok:)
    Happy to think that you are being welcomed well.
    LOVE your family photo.
    So proud of you, my friend.
    I cannot tell you what your life does for my faith.
    Hang in day at a time.
    Hugs and prayers tonight
    all the way from CA.

  3. WOW!!! Been there! Why do your posts always make me cry?

  4. sweet amy, it was so sweet to wake up to a new photo of you guys and a new blog post (i read it this morning while i was feeding leilani - 7:30, not 5:30, although last night i was uncharacteristically up for a feeding at 4:30, too). you all look wonderful, i love the puppy, and eden will be so excited to see lilli in the dress that they have to match - can't wait to pull that one out here again in probably a month! i'm sorry for your scare so early in the morning. i smile knowing that i would have thought the exact same thing if i were there - sleep deprived, over-protective mommy with an overactive imagination, freshly in a new home in africa close to the congo - yep, i'm sure of it :). we miss you guys, we think of you daily, and look forward to being in your presence again! thankful you are all healthy! (oh, and i can't wait to see pictures of your new home when you are settled enough to post photos!) love you!

  5. Similiar story... after newly arriving in BGO and living at the Myhre's house while they were in Kenya, we heard men right outside our windows at night. This was during the ADF instability and we knew that rebels had surrounded our house and were planning to attack. We huddled and prayed in the hallway, until I heard a rat scurrying through the kitchen. When it started to nibble away at my just unpacked tupperware containers I freaked out, grabbed a broom and went swinging and screaming through the kitchen. Hearing the commotion, the men outside also panicked and began yelling in broken English that they were in fact the Ugandan Army, sleeping outside our window to PROTECT us and not to fear. Sigh. We had a good laugh over it, later. Glad to see the puppy!

  6. So funny! I would be freaking out too!! Praying for you guys, and I'll especially pray that Aidan starts giving you some sleep!

  7. Dear Amy,
    MISS YOU SO MUCH!!So glad to read the story through this blog.Sophie can sleep for 6 hours at night recently.I will pray for you and little Aidan.Hope he can sleep overnight soon.

  8. Amy and Travis,
    I loved this blog. MTI would have loved it too. Sounds like a Robin story to me! Praying protection over you and your family tonight as I go to sleep! Love all the new faces and places! Miss your family a lot. LOVE YOU!