Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New places, new faces

Just a few photos as the day ends to show you the joy we receive from new places and new faces in our lives.

The kids enjoy going to their new place: Rwenzori Mission School, a short 3 minute walk from our home, nestled within a stunning view of the mountains, taught by fabulous teachers Miss Ashley and Miss Anna.

And the hope we see in the new lives of these three dear faces: 5 day old calf Oreo, 3 month old puppy Bhootu, and 4 month old sweetheart Aidan.


  1. Love seeing my sweet niece and nephews. All of you look fantastic! Big hugs and lots of prayers are being sent your way. Love you!

  2. the photo of lilli and patton and puppy walking through the grass on the way home from school is one of my favorites ever! so, so sweet! and aidan is growing so fast! great job, mama amy (and thanks to the Lord for providing!) what a sweet, sweet smile he has! miss you!