Monday, April 26, 2010

A day of action


Hit snooze on the alarm as the rain blessed us and canceled my walk/jog

Baked cinnamon rolls

Collected milk from Myrhes’ cow (but did not milk it)

Pasteurized milk

Made espresso with fresh frothed milk (favorite part of the morning!)

Read together as a family

Empathized with worker about his sick father and invited him here for Travis to see

Dressed kids, Leashed dog, Bjorned baby to Walk all to school

Nursed baby

Napped baby (and changed his “nappy”)

Greeted the family at our half-made kitubi who had a health concern

Washed dishes

Packed a picnic, Wished that I had salty potato chips

Gave “Doom” bug killer to worker to kill the mpali that were on our kitubi tree

Sent the ironing out to a man who truly heats up an iron iron

Spoke with the kitubi man who wanted to wait 2 hours for Travis to return rather than discuss building matters with me

Drank sweet tea and Pondered life with my prayer partner and fellow mom Loren

Made balance (change) for shillings for workers’ weekly wage

Killed cockroaches that have infested our “motorcar”

Packed Aidan and bags for hiking

Picked up kids and Travis

Bumped along the road to Bundibugyo Town for fruitless effort to buy electricity credits and to get cash from the one ATM in town

Felt the stress of the last 5 hours fall away as left town

Gave Patton a bowl in which to throw up as he was carsick

Had wonderful conversations with people at the National Park station, though it was the wrong one.

Arrived at Sempaya

Chased off family of 10+ baboons from our picnic spot kitubi

Enjoyed a pasta lunch

Nursed baby

Hugged Myrhes who dropped off Julia with us as they took sons to Kampala

Listened to Aidan’s newly discovered shriek which sounds like a cross between a howling monkey and our neighbors’ goat

Hiked to Female Hot Springs

Boiled egg in 106 degree mineral water

Hiked to Male Hot Springs

Watched sweet Julia hold the hands of adoring Lilli and Patton

Nursed baby

Prayed with a Ugandan man who asked us if we are a part of the tribe of the Lion of Judah and that he loves Jesus but also loves alcohol

Loaded into the car, Killed more cockroaches

Bumped home along the dirt road

Bought 24 kilograms of flour for upcoming pizza nights, Looking forward to visit by WHM Sudan Team

Nursed baby

Bathed kids

Pulled clean clothes in from the clothesline

Smelled garlic and butter for dinner’s bread

Ate leftover spaghetti by candlelight

Reflected on the day with kids

Read “Wilderking” book with kids

Sent money and prayers with Nathan as he takes the CSB boys’ soccer team to Ugandan National Championship

Settled in for a movie (The Hurt Locker)

Thanked God that we live in Uganda and not in Iraq

Prayed from missionaries in Iraq

Dreamed that WHM sent us to Iraq

Woke in the night to a wonderful thunderstorm

Slept peacefully

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  1. Amy,
    Thank you SOOOOO much for that! I have been praying every Monday for you and your family and just this morning was doing so and wondering how I could specifically pray. I now feel like I can visualize life for you and can lift you up faithfully to our Lord! Your blog has been a blessing to our hearts!
    Much love,
    Laurie Sun