Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two Answered Prayers

Yesterday was Wednesday. Wednesday starts with W, so at Rwenzori Mission School, Lilli and Patton prayed for Water.

It has been a dry here lately, so people’s crops are suffering. Someone even told us that cocoa has been drying on the tree, a bad prospect for this cash crop that sustains life here. On Monday morning, we woke to no water coming from our taps as our cisterns were dry. Fortunately, we were able to pull more water down from the Ngite Waterfall to refill the cisterns which are housed at the church/community center. Pretty neat that our life-sustaining water comes from the church…there has to be a really great analogy in there somewhere.

So, we’ve all been praying for water. And God answered our prayers with a Yes. Last night, we awoke to the beautiful sound of rain. Even the dead looking tree out our window has tiny green buds daring to come out as a result.

The second answered prayer came tonight in the form of a beat up brown box that has traveled over three continents. The first week of December, I mailed a box of Christmas/New Year’s gifts to the team, hoping that the Christmas cds and children’s musical instruments would make it in time to ring in the new year. Well, it never made it. I was a disappointed as I was really hoping that the team would know that even though we were not there yet, we were thinking about them and sending our love. And I had spent a good bit of money on it…and I can be a bit frugal at times, so this bugged me. Nonetheless, I prayed about it, asking God to bring the package. And I really felt that he was telling me to be patient, that He would bring it at just the right time.

And He did.

The package came this week. After an especially emotionally hard day for the team, our somber team meeting turned into a crazy cacophony of a kazoo, piano flute, jingle bells, tambourine, jaw harp, harmonica, and even a mini fiddle!

Our heavenly Father knows exactly what we need and when we need it…and can even use the Ugandan Postal System to accomplish His Good Work.

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  1. So glad for rain and are like Helen Roseivere:)
    I know it must be heartbreaking to see those children suffering.
    Asking God for capacity to love and give for Travis. Asking the same for Amy as she cares for the three cherubs and learns to battle ants, rats and the like. Praying for you tonight as I fold clothes.

    We love you so.