Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life in Bundi- 3months and counting!

Here are a few photos. Please see our Photo Gallery for some more. Thankful for your encouragement and prayers!


  1. Love these photos! Prayers and hugs!!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful photos here and in your photo gallery.

    It is such a treat to see how Nightie, Gloria, Charity, Gonja and others are growing-- in addition to your family.

    We hope to meet you someday. Thanks for your love and care for Nathan.

  3. Marie wants to know if that is a pumpkin you are holding near the stove. I have no idea.

  4. Love these photos...they make me smile and cry at the same time:)
    hugs from here

    ps is there a way to give directly to the goat/chicken program?
    I will email later to find out more:)

  5. love these photos of your sweet family. i too would love to learn more about supporting the goat/chicken program. it reminds me a bit of the heifer project. we would love to be a part of nourishing your community in any way possible. sending our love & prayers!

  6. thinking of you guys this evening. so glad to see pictures and read how you are doing. i miss you! praying for all of you. -love the bratt family :)