Sunday, June 6, 2010

6 minute ride to Bundibugyo

Having a few moments to put together some initial video footage and high speed internet to upload, we thought we would share with you our inaugural drive into Bundibugyo.
Thanks for journeying with us.


  1. great idea! Thanks for letting us share in your journey. :)

  2. Hello, Johnsons!!! We love you and are praying and miss you. The kids and I have really enjoyed looking at your pictures and talking about Africa and seeing your journey to Bundibugyo. Thank you. Hope your time in Greece is fabulous- the Jacksons

  3. Looking forward to the day I will get to drive that road to visit you in Bundi. Until then, missing and loving you all.

  4. Thanks for sharing words, photos, videos along the way as we travel this road with you, even so many miles away. We love you and miss you and pray for you so much! Enjoy your time with Ann:)

  5. Man, its one thing to visit there, its another thing to move. I havent gone to the middle of nowhere otherside of the world yet, but I have had those moments where I lay in bed and think "What am I doing here? If God isnt real, Im the biggest goob in the world for doing this... But if He is real..."
    Love you guys
    lil bro