Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Baraba Paul Update

Paul and his family left to Kampala a month ago, or so we thought. We went to Kampala two weeks later and visited the hospital to see him, only to find out that he never arrived. We spent a week tracking him down and learned through the family that they were robbed on the bus halfway to Kampala. So they turned around. Our friend/worker who first brought Paul to our house, went back to his home village to look for Paul. He found him in a corner of the house (small mud hut) with his face covered and crying. He brought him here and we saw immediately that his tumor had doubled in size. We prayed with him, reassured him that he is loved and God has not forgotten him. By the time he left, he was no longer holding a small handkerchief over his face. I hope this is a good sign that he has hope, hope for a cure, or at least hope that he is loved and not alone. Thankfully, many people have sent in money to help, so we were able to pay for their transport and sent him again to Kampala. This time we sent the local deaf schoolteacher with some funds to buy school supplies (posters and workbooks with sign language) and requested him to help transport the family.

They arrived safely. He has now had a biopsy, which confirmed Burkett's Lymphoma and has started chemotherapy. For a family that has never left their village on this side of the mountains and does not speak any English or Luganda (Ugandan language) it is very daunting to trek to the capital city. So we praise God that we found him again. We praise God for the teacher who was willing to escort them. We praise God that he is now at the hospital and getting treatment!

Thanks for praying and helping. Please keep Paul in your prayers as he begins the chemotherapy.

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  1. praying for paul. love you guys. hope all is well in bundi.