Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Worth a thousand words...a glance at September

Hooray for Care Packages! This one came from Trav's cousin, Lindley, in only one month!
What do you do when the doctor for 300,000 people is injured himself? John flushes out Trav's eye with a saline solution after 24 hours of eye pain and no improvement.
John is truly a Jack-of-all-Trades!
Having a cornial abrasion from an unseen tree branch at night, Travis was forced to keep his eyes closed for 24 hours. A hard thing for a busy man to do!
One afternoon, Lilli grabbed the soccer ball and said she was going out to play with the boys!
Three week old, three kilogram baby Daniel with cleft palate and cleft lip whom we sent to CoRSU in Kampala for surgery.
The mother and father who love their little one.
On a trip into Nyahuka, we were waved down by a group of students seeking a ride. We realized it was our own CSB students returning from a Scripture Union training. They packed into the back and top of our car...we totaled 16 people in and on our car! Their joyful singing was a sweet reminder of why we are here: to impact the future leadership of Uganda with the good news of Jesus!
The road is coming! You can see it cut into the mountains.
At a roadside market, I barter for our vegetables.
Mimi and Papa enjoy the view from Ndali Lodge.
Amazing sunset, happy family.
One of our only dates we've had since we arrived in February (we pretended that we were alone).
Too many obakakoni (no-see-ums_ bites!
Lillli's photos are the best!
Mimi and Papa in front of a crater lake in Fort Portal.
Mimi cherishes holding her grandson.
A chilly swim with Daddy.
Lilli has now learned to swim on her own (but still likes the floaties for the deep end).
Thank you Grammie and Poppy for the Lite Brite Bday gift!
A camera like Lilli's! Just what Patton asked for...for months!
Loren and Bryan take a turn...
Miss Anna is a little off...
Birthday Boy Patton pins the tail on the zebra!
Silly six year old
Birthday Safari Party for Lilli and Patton

Travis and Baraba Paul
Prayer for Paul and his family before they leave for chemotherapy care in Kampala.
Mimi loves giving grandchildren baths...even in Africa!
Snowcapped mountains on the equator, one of the many paradoxes of life here.
Our evening light for the many, many days and nights without electricity in September.

Thanks for your patience with our lack of communication during the electricity outages. We don't take consistent electricity for granted, that is for sure!


  1. Pretty much every time I read an update I tear up .. or cry for real. I love the way you made those candles on the table so beautiful, even in a difficult time! Reminds me that Jesus is a light in a dark, dark world. Peace friends; we pray for your work and family life.

  2. Loved seeing the pictures and reading about you and your family. Know you are loved and prayed for and missed!!!