Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bundi Headlines

If we had a local or a team newspaper, the following headlines would appear as newsworthy of the last two weeks:

Six Inch Diameter Spider Climbs Johnson Table in Hopes of Getting a Bite!

CSB Parents' Day a Success, Complete with Football Win Over Local Club Nyahuka Hotspurs

Cow to Soon Join Johnson Side Yard Pasture

3 Successful Pizza Nights for Stevens Family

200 Chicks Growing Strong in Nearby WHM CSB Coop

Community Amazed at Stevens' Enormous Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog, Claiming it is a Cow

WHM Whitney Houston Memorial Night Especially Appreciated by the over 30s Crowd

New Record: Consistent Electricity for 8 days!

WHM Team Leader Suffers a Motorcycle Fall, but Recovers with Stitches and Antibiotics

First Ever Bundi to FP to Bundi Trip in 24 Hours on New Road

WHM Team Leader Baffled as Solar Inverter Catches Fire

Doggy Drama as Johnson Dogs Outsmart their Owners with Continual Escapes

WHM Bundi Team Hopeful about Two New Families Currently at WHM Assessment

80's Party Brings out the Wild Side of Team!


  1. Nice! Praying for you and your team :)
    ~the Prices from Hendo

  2. Travis & Amy, we've not met you and your sweet family yet but look forward to that time when we come to visit Lauren and Derek once they are in Bundibugyo. We've been keeping up with your blogs and have enjoyed them so much; they help us imagine what Lauren and Derek will be experiencing once they do get to their new African home. We just want you to know that your family and the whole team there are being prayed for by us on a regular basis. We hope to make contact with your parents soon to pick their brains about what it's like being parents of missionaries and how we can best come along side our kids and grandkids and serve and support them. Until we meet, may the Lord's blessings be with you all! Chris and Debbie Whitty (Lauren's parents)