Wednesday, March 7, 2012

tire prayer

Because we love our dear friend, Pat, we made a quick plan to spend time with her in Fort Portal. She has been hit with too many losses in a short time to shoulder the grief alone. So, Ann, Christine, Aidan, and I packed a few things in backpacks and headed out on Monday morning.

The new road continues to improve in amazing ways. However, the road between Nyahuka (where we live) and Bundibugyo Town continues to get worse. Recently, we asked the man in charge of the grading of the road when he would next grade it. It has not been graded in over a year and a half. His reply was "that would be a waste of money. The new road is coming." However, he is the one paid to have it graded. As Pat says, "Corruption! Corruption is under my tires!"

On the last trip between Nyahuka and Bundibugyo Town, we had a flat tire. As we carry two spares, we now had one more left. I will admit, Travis is The Fearless Tire Changer. I cheer him on as he lies down in the dust or mud and jacks up our beast of a car to change the beast of a tire. I have never done it myself. So, with the likelihood of a flat tire (3 of the last 4 trips had flats) and my inexperience of changing a tire in such a situation, I had people praying! Even sweet Patton (who tends to have one rote prayer at bedtime) branched out and earnestly prayed for no flat tires for mommy.

After a few delays, we hit the road. As Christine needed airtime for her phone, we pulled over at the one gas station. When I returned with a bottle of water, I noticed that my back right tire was totally flat. PRAISE GOD! The place that my tire went flat was on the one paved surface at the one mechanic shop in the whole district! With the continued urging of Christine to the mechanics, we finally got our tire patched in two different places and made a noon departure. With the exception of Aidan's throwing up, the rest of the trip was uneventful. When living in Bundibugyo, one begins to long for words like uneventful and ordinary to describe the day.

It was special to spend time with Ann and Christine, talking and praying along the way. It was good to grieve with Pat, crying, and sharing gnut sauce and matooke. I appreciated the hospitality of FP missionary friends, especially their teenage daughter who gave up her room for Aidan and me. And I am thankful for our mechanic friend who put two new tires on my car. And in about 24 hours from the time of departure, I was happy to bounce along the road back to Bundi...with three good spare tires ready to face the road into Nyahuka!

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  1. What a provision! I admire your bravery, Amy, and your ability to trust the Lord through times of thick or flat tires;) I've definitely learned to appreciate even the worst of paved roads here in Canada. No pothole can compare to the ones on Nyahuka Road!
    Mmm...I miss gnut sauce. Peanut butter will do for now. Glad you had a good time with Pat & FP friends!