Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Snapshots of the past weeks

 Lilli hosted a tea party and even invited her two dolls
 A father at the Nyahuka Health Center feeds his premie with a syringe; a much too common occurrance
 Dr Terry Johnson (aka Poppy) teaches area health workers about Diabetes
 RMS Field Day begins with the traditional egg on a spoon race
 Bobbing for green oranges (all oranges here are green; not sure why we don't call them "greens")
 Truffle the Cow even participated in Field Day
 A Dress Up Poppy and Josh game was so fun!
Field Day Mud Pit
Miss Pamela and Lilli
Anyone know these people?
 Patton and Miss Anna enjoy a moment before the Pizza Luau Farewell Party 
A send off prayer ended the night of tribute, video, puppet show and gifts for Anna

 A visit with our friends Michael and Amanda who are doing an amazing work in Masindi with PMI
 Nothing is better than a safari with grandkids!
This was the closest we have ever been (and hope to be!) to a group of lions!

 Pointing to Uganda on the ferry's globe in Murchison
After the farewell to the grands, both Lilli and Travis became very ill, thus, changing our plans in Kampala to become a day of rest (and chicken noodle soup and Sprite)
Nyahuka's new young Dr Sam is so proud of the ambulance that received from a grant!
 Aidan gets his first big boy haircut at a barber shop.
Patton did not like the name of the barbershop/salon is called "Sparkles" so he renamed it "Jet" if your a boy and get a haircut there!

New haircuts!

Though we were thrilled that a restaurant in Kampala had a playground, we were a bit hesitant when the playhouse was 40 feet in the air with no back railing and the end of the slide was 4 feet from the ground!
Lilli and Miss Anna the Bunny
CSB Girls before their first win at the Uganda Girls National Championship 

Lilli has been growing her hair long with the intention to cut it for Locks of Love.

A bit surprised after the cut!
A snapshot of a neighbor cutting dead fronds off a palm tree.


  1. I found this blog after T & N Johnson spoke @ church Sunday. My heart has been unable to let go of the challenges that the people there must be experiencing. More than that though, I am praising our KING for sending the families to serve the Uganda people and bring the good news to their hearts! God bless your beautiful family and the souls that are receiving truth! My prayer is that they will spread God's love abundantly, and that you all find joy in the God who gives strength to the weak, and sight to the blind:) I admire your family in such a big way, my prayers for your family will be fernant and abundant. Please send me an email if there is anything in particular that you would like our family to mail to your family! It would be an honor:). nancy Johnson led a bible study that I recently attended, she talked of you all and i feel like I know you! Hopefully we'll meet one day. Love, prayers and blessings from my home toy yours- Tina fisher

  2. So good to get caught up with events in and around Bundi. The "mud" pics remind me of Amy and Travis pics that we have when the two of you were dating. Good to stay young at heart. Looking forward to seeing you in October. Always praying for you and the rest of the team. Love you. Dad Lang

  3. Nice to see my name sake :) Man I miss you guys! Much love!