Saturday, May 19, 2012

a hop of joy

As I walked into the room, I heard Travis ask someone on the phone, "Well, is he cute? Then, no problem, we can come and pick you up."

When I learned that it was teammate Miss Pamela that had called to request for us to pick her up in our car at the market, I became even more curious. The market is in close walking distance. Who had she met? Why did she want a ride? And with a cute male? Was this all a ploy to enjoy our newly fixed air conditioning?

When Travis returned with the kids, Pamela, her mysterious cute male, I just had to go and meet....


Late last Friday night, Baby Bunny Anna passed on. Amidst many Saturday morning tears, Lilli asked if we could get another bunny.

So today, when Pamela spied a young boy carrying two bunnies by the ears, she knew the answer to Lilli's question!

Meet RMS's newest pet, Clover. We just hope that Clover is, indeed, a male and not a pregnant female!


  1. It's Suan McMillan ,Edward and Christine Isingoma's daughter.Am pretty sure Miss Pamela wanted to enjoy the much needed air conditioning.Having grown up around a few missionary families,i was always confused whenever they refereed to an animal as a SHE or HE.

  2. Hi Amy and Travis, It is Emily Stewart, a fellow traveler from your middle east/italy Furman days (and later, Amy, thru Europe). I came across your blog by accident and wanted to congratulate you for the amazing work you are doing. I am a veterinariand with an MPH, and I have worked in Africa a couple times, so if you have any questions or concerns about your new bunny or any other animal under your care, send me an email: Best of luck!