Sunday, June 24, 2012

spectacular summer interns

Each year, WHM offers young adults an opportunity to be an intern missionary in various fields across the world. This year, God has brought three remarkable women to join us for the summer. Summer, a pre-nursing student at George Mason University, has been working with Jess in the Nyahuka Health Center. Emily, a French Business Trade major at Auburn, is running RMS Preschool. Ashley, currently working on her Masters in Entomology, is assisting her sister-in-law Pamela at RMS. In addition to these community ministries, they are learning Lebwisi, embracing local cultural activities (gardening, cooking, sitting, etc), and participating in team life. They are even taking hundreds of disorganized books from the mission and creating a WHM Library. We are blessed to have these three positive, helpful, kind-hearted, and peaceful women join us for these two months. We pray that God will use their time here to refresh their passion for Jesus, to bond them to the people of Bundibugyo, and to ignite a desire for a missional life. 
Sodas, rice, matooke, and sauces at Hotel Vanilla
Ashley assisting Patton and Lill in making pizzas

Emily is a Star Teacher for RMS Preschool. Aidan, who is a bit picky whom he bonds with, LOVES Emily. He has hidden her passport so she have to stay in Bundibugyo.

My youngest is off to school!

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