Monday, June 18, 2012

photos from the last month

These past weeks have been full of wonderful times with friends and visitors, busy days in the health center, tense times in the middle of worker crisis and a strike at CSB, refreshing moments on our marriage retreat, hours of sitting with community members, fruitful meetings with teammates, and memories made with Travis's brother.

Ann is surrounded by girls from the nearby boarding school as she has just presented them with a pineapple which she bid on during the church auction. Everyone in the congregation cheered for her as she used her Lebwisi counting skills.

Grammie and Poppy sent matching outfits for our family! So preppy in the midst of the African jungle!

If you look closely, you will see exposed water pipes that were pulled up to be replaced in preparation for the new road. The road has been widened up to Bundibugyo Town which is now out of water. It is only a matter of time before it reaches us in Nyahuka Town. Unfortunately, since the population of this area has swelled, the pipes are no longer adequate for the number of people here. Pray for Josh as he meets with local leaders to try and get this point across!
This group of cheerful faces are our friends who come from New York City to pray over students at CSB. Led by George McC, this is their second trip here as a group. They have a good time and we are thankful for they ways that they partner in sharing the love of Jesus to Bundibugyo.
Sharing with female CSB teachers and wives of male teachers during our first monthly meeting of "Encouragement, Prayer, and Cake"

More sharing and listening at EPC

Packing and Unpacking: two words that describe our lives, both for ourselves and in the help we give to visitors.

Travis continues to work at the NHC, treating patients on the peds ward.

Some patients are just so very sad to be there!

Our kids LOVED having the Wheeler children to play with during their visit!

Yummy cold milkshakes on a hot afternoon

A great visit from the Wheelers! Notice how I am trying to give Patton a smile. He was absolutely heartbroken when William left!

All packed into the car for a trip to Kampala for supplies and to pick up Nate.
Travis's brother Nate joined us for an action packed week of teaching teachers at CSB, leading Sunday fellowship at CSB and with our team, holding RMS inservice about TCKs, meeting with CSB leadership staff, some great uncle time and even a safari and chimp trek. We loved having him and miss him already!

A spotting of zebras from the side of the road!
How many chimps do you see in this picture?

Kids looking over the escarpment for elephants that roam below.

Up close with the elephants
Nothing like a game drive as the sun sets!

Two Head Teachers Nate and Edward meeting to discuss educational matters.

Team Worship at the Johnsons with music led by Josh

We are so thankful for goodies sent with Tio Nate!
Happy Father's Day, Travis!

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