Monday, January 28, 2013

bundi recruiting

The word is now out...WHM Bundibugyo Uganda is posting official recruitment opportunities. If you know of someone interested in serving God in these ways, please have them email Joanna Stewart, the WHM East Africa Mobilization Specialist at

Under the leadership of Ann Keiser, the WHM Bundibugyo Missionary Apprenticeship Program is an 18 month apprenticeship opportunity for learning and service in one of the poorest and most remote areas of East Africa.

MAP will be begin in January of 2014 and end in August of 2015. Those interested will need to contact WHM, apply, be interviewed, and invited for an Assessment and Orientation week. Upon that appointment, they will raise necessary prayer and financial support to put them on the field. Are you game to be serve in one of the most challenging environments in which you will experience Jesus like never before?!

MAP positions from Jan 2014 to Aug 2015
1. CSB Program Asst: position already filled 
2. Female Preschool teacher to missionary children at Rwenzori Mission School 
3. Female Community Children Ministry 
4. Male Mission Building Technician (Handyman) and Youth Discipleship 
5. Male Sports or Music Community Outreach

IMMEDIATE: beginning of August to middle December 2013: RMS Preschool teacher

Spread the word...WHM BUNDI is now recruiting!

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