Wednesday, March 13, 2013

beginnings of life in America

How sweet that the Lord provided a tree for  Lilli to climb while we are in America! She often asks if she can go out and climb the ancient Live Oak that is on the marsh that is behind the condo where we stay. What a beautiful thing!
Beautiful Ladies! Incoming teammates Sarah and Molly met up over Christmas and sent us this picture. I am so thankful for women like these: courageous and compassionate and willing to do hard things in hard places
Another picture of more incoming teammates! These three families: The Wheelers (Holly, the photographer is not pictured), the Webbers, and The Reeses are all raising support to serve Jesus among the poorest of the poor. To find out more about these amazing families, clink on their blog links on the right.
And here we are...first morning of the first day of school in America.

Even Aidan goes to preschool.

All kids, including cousins, are smiles after the first day of American school.

Fun times with cousins!

Living on the marsh means that life can be messy...which is what we do best!

And, YES! I have a washing machine and dryer! Hallelujiah! What a surprise to find a little bit of Africa in with the wash!
For only one day in January, it was warm enough to go to the beach! I long for another warm day...they promise they are coming. My blood has thinned in the last three years and I find myself freezing here.
Preschool Soccer is fun when your best friend is your cousin!
American school means lots of homework...
Teaching classes about Missionary Life in Uganda is always a joy!

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