Monday, June 24, 2013


While Lilli and Patton were in Nashville for the (chemo) week, Aidan enjoyed attention as an only child. It is not that he does not normally make his voice heard, but maybe we are just listening more.

I left when Aidan and Travis has just begun to watch When I came back, Travis was asleep, so I had no idea how many episodes Aidan had watched.
Me: "Aidan, what are you watching?"
Aidan: "No comprendo."
Apparently, he had been watching spanish cartoons!

Travis: "Aidan, I think you are getting so much bigger! I think you have grown another foot!"
Aidan, looking at his legs and feet: "No, daddy, I only have two feet!"

Aidan noticed that a his little friend who has very dark skin has parents and siblings that have very white skin. He asked why.
Me: Yes, your little buddy was adopted into a new family because when he was very little, his mommy died.
Aidan: Oh no! Did she die on the cross?

We took Aidan for a day trip to Edisto Beach. The trip there was beautiful and we passed many u-pick farms along the way. To entice him to leave the beach, we started the conversation:
Us: "Let's go buddy! We get to go to a farm where you can pick."
Aidan, confused: "Pick what? My nose?"

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