Sunday, June 2, 2013

sons of Adam

Dinner conversation:

Travis: We just read about the meeting between Aslan and the kids in “The Magician’s Nephew”. Aslan had convened all of the Narnian animals together to conference about the evil (meaning the Jadis the witch) that had just entered his country. He asked Diggory what happened. If you were Diggory, what would you have told Aslan?

Lilli: Gives a five minute explanation of each detail that happened in the story as what she would have explained when questioned by Aslan.

Patton: “I would say that the woman made me do it.”

Indeed, we are sons of Adam.


  1. Just tonight we were talking about that study that showed that women use many, many more words per day than men in conversation. Glad that your sweet children can keep you entertained.:)