Monday, July 19, 2010

Fabulous Anna

In addition to the Semiliki Presbytery Celebration, yesterday we celebrated the 22nd birthday of our summer intern Anna. When we received her application, we knew that we were in for a special treat when her response to question "how is your health?" was answered with FABULOUS!

And she is fabulous.

Thus far in Anna's one month in Africa, she has: held her own traveling with three intern guys, spent two nights in Kampala by herself, hopped on a motorcycle to visit remote villages, worked in the nutrition program, learned to cook from scratch, aided in killing rats, ran in the early hours of the morning and in a skirt, cheered for the World Cup teams, babysat the Johnson kids, crafted her own handmade pizza, taken an interest in how dairy goats have helped decrease malnutrition, bridged hellos and goodbyes, traveled over the mountains, hung out in a sauna (for 3 minutes until we all thought we were going to catch on fire), played football with CSB students and Jack and Julia, led a Bible study with students, persevered through a 7 hour church service, served in the health center, aided in teaching at the mission school, won a three legged race, climbed the Ngite waterfall, and shared her heart with us all. Being the fourth of eleven kids, Anna has a wonderful ability to relate to all types and ages of people. Her fun-loving nature and encouraging words make her a joy to be around. We are so grateful for her cheerful spirit and willingness to serve wherever there is a need.

If all summer interns are like her, we will take them in all seasons! Truly, Anna is fabulous!

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  1. you honor people so well, amy :). i love that about you!