Wednesday, July 14, 2010

obeying psalms 50:14

Joys from the day:

6:30 am prayer time with teammates (which included chasing a man out of the house at 7am who just wandered in off the street while we were singing!)

8 am phone call from my sister (who was up in the wee hours of the morning in America working on her dissertation)

Hearing the testimony of God's faithfulness from visiting friend from Charleston Susan G

Praying with our pastor in the kitubi

Lunchtime conversation that Simon at health center is, indeed, alive and healing from severe necrotizing fasciitis

Seeing Lilli skip off to Christ School Bundibugyo with Travis for the student chapel

Hearing laughter as Aidan (in his walker) chased Patton back and forth in the house

My first time to successfully make lasagna in Africa (after I brushed off the little bugs that like to eat the uncooked pasta)

That we no longer have to light our kerosene refrigerator now that we have an electric refrigerator (no ants in this one so far!) and it even has a light in it that lights up when you open the door.

Sharing a meal with new friends Eric and Joy who are interning as the chaplain at CSB this summer

Packing in anticipation of two days away in Fort Portal to connect with team and rest a bit


  1. LOVED reading this joy post after such a tough day for you guys yesterday (?)! it is good to praise the Lord! and the pictures bring a smiles to my face! i love aidan's sweet eyes and the way he is sticking out his tongue when he smiles - leilani does the exact same thing - so cute! (can't wait to get these two together again for some updated pictures :) - one of these combinations will just HAVE to work for a rehearsal dinner someday! i love lilli and patton's smiles with the big leaves on their heads! eden and ben will be happy to see this tomorrow! you have been on my mind and heart all day since i read the post before this. i have been praying that God would be near (which i know He already is :)) and that you would feel His presence, that He would keep you safe and that you would rest in His safety, that He would give you peace and joy. we love you, friends!

  2. Amy...thank you for updating...praying for all of you with the myhre's departure, and bombings in Kampala..please give my regards to Eric and Joy...what huge thanks I gave to the Lord that they are there for the summer...Tell them Matt Allison's mom says hi and thank you for coming to CSB!!!