Tuesday, July 13, 2010

To quote Annie

I love musicals. One of my favorite lines from the musical, "Annie" comes after Annie has been lied to, kidnapped, chased up a perilously tall crane, and finally, rescued and reunited with her loved ones. Once back in the safe arms of her new father, she and Daddy Warbucks sing:
"Yesterday was plain awful."
"You can say that again."
"Yesterday was plain awful."
"But not. Not now. That's that. That's then."

Our yesterday was plain awful. We awoke to a text that several bombs had gone off in Kampala. Our incoming visitor could not come by bus as Kampala was closed down. Our car battery was dead. We all sadly said goodbyes as the Myhre family flew out. Trusted friends of the Myhres lied to us about taking things from their house. The satellite internet was still not working, but rather in pieces in our office and backyard. Lilli and Patton's school was broken into and the play money (amidst other things) was stolen. The padlock on the Myhres's house was smashed off. It just seemed that bad things just kept happening one after another. We started to wonder: if this is our first day as team leaders without the umbrella of Myhre shelter, what were our next days, weeks, years going to look like?

But that was yesterday. God's mercy is new every morning. Things have quieted down a bit. The internet is now working at our house so the whole team is now connected to the outside world. Students were back in classes at CSB after a midterm break. Teachers were teaching. The health center was busy. RMS was back in session (the play money and a few other things were even recovered). The cows are still being milked. Life is going on.

However, it was sobering to think of all that happened in one day. Rarely is Travis an alarmist. He is the one you want to have in an crisis as he can put on his "Emergency Room Face" and calmly asses and react to situations. Yet, this morning, he had an intense look on his face as he told me, "Amy, the enemy does not want us here. He does not want the message of God's grace for the Babwisi and Bakanja to continue to go forth. Before, I knew that prayer was important. Now I know it is essential for survival."

And I agree.

So, please continue to pray that the light of Jesus would shine brightly into the darkness here. Please pray that all of our hearts would turn away from whatever we feel we need to have or do to protect ourselves, whether it is stealing out of desperation or accumulating more out of greed. Pray that our hearts would trust in a heavenly Father who delights to meet the needs of His children. And pray that soon we can sing a happier song, one that sings of repentant hearts and dramatic rescues.


  1. Wow -- what a convicting reminder to PRAY always and urgently!!! I am reading JI Packer's book about prayer right now, and I am going to write your names on my bookmark in that book, to remind me to pray for you and your family more frequently and more urgently. Thank you for sharing the Lord's work with us!!! And thank you for letting us be a part of that work by praying!!!

    Kate (Augustine) Haber

  2. Thanks for standing in the gap. You are not alone. God is with you and you have people praying for you around the world.

  3. Please know I will pray daily..thanks for so many posts this week Amy they were stirring to my soul, and focused my prayer.

    blessings dear sister...thank you for listening to God's call...may he fill your heart with courage and faith

    Wendy Allison