Thursday, January 13, 2011

Grace C.C. Family in Bundibugyo!

Day 1: The Grace Team Arrives to Bundibugyo

The ten seat caravan Mission Aviation Fellowship plane roared over the mountains, appearing over the trees to deliver our eight Grace Community Church family members!
Josiah and Elizabeth are very happy to be on solid ground!
The World Harvest Mission team greets the visitors with hugs and vehicles for transport.
Kelly and Jen are on top of the world (or at least Pat's truck)!
Like beauty pageant queens, they wave to all of Bundibugyo signifying that the bazungu have arrived!

Day 2: Bible Club at New Life Presbyterian Bundimalinga
Josiah teaches the story of Daniel and the Lion's Den to children from the community in Bundimalinga (hosted by New Life Presbyterian Bundimalinga).
The children show their lion masks.
Vincent Byamuntura and Elizabeth assist the children in making the craft.
Loren looks on with Patton and Bryan.
Amy is a great craft instructor!
Pat and her lion friend.
Kelly "the Energizer Bunny" leads the games group with great enthusiasm!
Lilli enjoys her first Ugandan Vacation Bible School.
Travis cares for a patient who is brought to the community center during Bible Club.

Day 3: Bible Club at Bundikiora

Lilli and Amy make the 2 hour hike from Bundimalinga to Bundikiora.
Susan listens to David share the story of Daniel and the Lion's Den.
David and Ivan tell the children that they do not have to fear anything, even lions, when their trust is in God.
We expected a handful of children, but were greeted by more than 200!

Kelly and Vincent lead singing. The favorite song was "Jesus Power! Super Power!"


  1. We are praying for the Grace Team every day!

  2. so glad they are there this week! enjoying the photos so much!!! look how long lilli's hair is getting! i love the photo of travis caring for a patient with aidan on his back :). so sweet!

  3. Great to see pictures of the team! I'm praying for you all and can't wait to hear about the adventure!

  4. We had no idea you guys were in Uganda (saw the link to your blog on Facebook)! We'll have to start praying! Looking forward to seeing what you're doing there.

    Kristen (Burns) Chaneyworth