Saturday, January 1, 2011

Super Heroes

Today, we hunkered down at our house, just the 5 of us, playing indoors during the rain storm that lasted all morning and playing outdoors in the afternoon. Lilli and Patton decided it was Super Day and they shot around all day in costumes and with homemade super-contraptions. What joy they bring to us with their creativity and love for each other!
New Year's Dinner: Patton as Batman and Lilli as AstroGirl
They spent all morning transforming their bunks into a pirate ship and a space rocket!
The reward for Lilli's book reading...making REAL rice krispie treats with pink and white "mmallows" from Kampala. Thanks for the Christmas aprons, Aunt Kathleen!
My Super Hero Husband and Super Dog Bhootu who has amazing powers
of jumping over our 6 foot tall fence!
Super Kids!


  1. What fun creative kiddos:) Love that you guys got the trampoline there!

  2. these pictures make me want to come over there right NOW! :(