Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A few firsts today…

. First time to kill a snake. A burrowing asp (though a small one, poisonous) was in our katubi and I whacked it to death with my flip flop. With a soft sole, that is a lot of whacking.

2. First time to make and eat millet. I thought I was buying crushed gnuts at the market, but as we were boiling it, Joas told me that I had bought millet. Usually it is eaten as a breakfast or a dinner with some sugar. It reminds me of Hawaiian poi. Not a single one in my family was impressed by it, even Aidan who eats baby cereal, spit it out. Even the dog left it in the pot.

3. First time for Travis to hike to Nyahuka Falls. He and John made their way through rugged jungle until they found the trail. What was expected to be a half day hike ended up as an all day excursion in which they thought they were completely lost but then had a surprise meal with one the sponsored medical student's family.

4. First steps! As we were in the katubi, Aidan pulled up on the center pole and walked to me! My baby is growing up (thank goodness!).


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  1. I can't believe my little buddy Aidani is walking?!?! wuh hoo!!!!!