Thursday, February 3, 2011

Answered Prayers- It so happens

Christ School Bundibugyo

Edward giving his vision for CSB at the BOG meeting

The Board of Governors for Christ School

When January 1st 2011 came, Amy and I felt that something new had to happen. Chiefly, we were spending a lot of time running Christ School Bundibugyo, a place that we love, but doing a job I did not feel qualified for or called to do for the long term. We have put out many requests both in prayer and in letters for people to come and help. However, for various reasons, no one has come.

Additionally, we found ourselves struggling with the school leadership to provide needed support for the teachers and even to uphold the Mission and Vision of the school. Two teachers who were pillars of the school left with warnings that the school was no longer headed in the direction it was founded upon.

So, we found ourselves living in the middle of Africa, watching our school that was created to declare God’s glory settle into an academic institution with eroding staff and student discipline. Each day we learned of another staff member who was leaving until nearly half of the staff left. All of this while the leadership of the school failed to show up to prepare for the new school year.

Something had to happen. My best efforts had produced failure and I sat overwhelmed and helpless. So we prayed- no, we yelled, cried, begged and…

Something wonderful has happened.

It so happened that a year ago our home church planned to send a team to love on us here in Bundibugyo. It so happened that the pastor of our church, since making this plan, took on a new position of leadership in World Harvest Mission. It so happens that our church has been supporting Edward and Christine Isingoma for several years. It also so happens that Edward is one of the first friends of the WHM, welcoming the missionaries into Bundibugyo 25 year ago and letting them stay on the health center property where he was the In Charge. It also so happened that Isingoma and his family had already planned on visiting us here in Bundibugyo (he now lives in Hoima, about 8 hours away) to see the Grace members and meet us.

It so happened that Scott Myhre had just suggested to me that we should consider having Isingoma come to help us with Christ School. He is a man that knows Jesus, knows World Harvest Mission and is a strong leader that can help develop strong leadership at Christ School.

So, this past January, it so happened that Josiah, Isingoma and I all met in our sitting area here in Bundibugyo to discuss the needs and future of Christ School Bundibugyo.

It also so happens that today, February 3rd, 2011, Isingoma has moved to Bundibugyo and has officially taken the job of headmaster for Christ School Bundibugyo.

We now “so happen” to have a God fearing Ugandan man who is a strong leader that is committed to making Christ School an Academically Excellent Senior Secondary Boarding School producing Servant Leaders for the good of Bundibugyo and God’s Glory (our vision statement.) The Board of Governors meeting today held to introduce him was filled with laughter, joy and tender sharing by the board members of how they see CSB as God’s treasure and not just another academic institution.

And it so happens that in the past two weeks, all of the vacant teaching positions have been filled. Last week's teacher orientation became a time of great worship for Amy and I as we realized what “so happened.” God showed up and made new again a treasure that he holds dearly in the heart of the Rwenzori Mountains- Christ School Bundibugyo.

Tonight, I sit and listen to the muslim call of prayer from the mosque and the sounds of Kung Fu movies blaring from a bar in the Nyahuka village. Christ School is nestled right between these two forces, offering a haven of peace for young men and women to become servant leaders for God's glory. It so happens that people have been praying for such things for years.


  1. That is wonderful to hear. I've been praying for you and will continue to do so!
    - Caitlin

  2. praising God with you! what wonderful news! only God!

  3. Praise God! Wonderful testimony to God hearing and answering prayer!

  4. Hi Travis, Amy, and sweet children. Thanks for sharing this incredibly encouraging story of God's faithfulness. I once heard a sermon that focused on the time that Abraham was asked by God to take Isaac to the alter as a sacrifice. The point of the sermon was that Abraham had followed God's leading in the midst of what had to be great confusion and some fear about what would occur when the alter was reached, yet the entire time Abraham was walking up the hill, unbeknownst to him, God was bringing a ram up the other side of the hill.

    This is one of those stories, the "just so happens" moments in life, where we see that same God bringing rams up the hills in our lives. Thank you for taking the time to share this story in such detail to enable us to all give glory to a God who daily watches over us and meets our most practical, intimate needs.

    God bless-
    Cindy Nore

  5. Amy & Travis . . . how wonderful. It never surprises me that God shows up in times like this. What wonderful news. We've been praying for the school and for you guys . . . and honored to be doing so. Thanks for sharing your hearts here.

  6. I taught in Bundi years and years ago. Isingoma Edward is a wonderful man with a servant's heart. I'm so happy for Christ School, and for Bundibugyo.

  7. Thank you, Amy & Travis, for sharing of God's ongoing faithfulness to you. We continue to pray for the school & for all aspects of your life in bundibugyo. We are grateful for your willingness to serve in a place where it often (or perhaps always) is too much bringing you to complete reliance on the Lord & His provision. We are so thankful for you & for the work He is doing through you.

    Amy, Happy, Happy birthday to you, dear friend! I do hope that you have been well celebrated (perhaps with some birthday millet?), & know that I am sending my love & birthday wishes to you! Will you please let me know the best way to send a package! Love to each of you!!