Saturday, February 19, 2011


Playing hide and seek in the tea fields and having picnics on overturned plastic basins have been unexpected joys of our marooning in Fort Portal.

Tonight, we count three blessings:

1. Yesterday, as we drove to town, we observed many of the voting stations alongside the road. There were men and women of different ages all waiting in a line that wrapped around white tape that marked off the grassy spot which held the white plastic box in which they placed their ballots. Presently, all is quiet.

2. Patton’s health is improving. Yesterday was the last day of his malarial medicines. Today we see an improvement as he smiled when he had chocolate cake at dinner. Though he is moving slowly and a little emotionally fragile, his color is improving and he is playing more. We are grateful.

3. We are also thankful for wise words from seasoned missionaries in Fort Portal. Over a delicious dinner of the comfort food of chicken spaghetti, they regaled us with funny and jaw-dropping stories of their lives here over the years. To see their four children and our three play together, laughing, and hiding was sweet. Their love for their community is evident. Their honesty about the struggles of missional life is refreshing. Their challenge to us to ask ourselves the difference between the needs before us and the calling God has given us is good. And the reminder they give us that this is God’s best for us is encouraging.

The moon out tonight is bright orange, hanging low in the sky. A beautiful sight over the even and still tea fields. A nice way to end the day.

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