Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cold Eggs Again

This morning, we both were glad to see the sunrise and to know that we had not been awakened in the night by the ascari (nightguards) who had slept in the katubi at the Clark’s house. In our one year here, after each departure of missionaries, houses have been broken into and items such as sheets, our only guitar or other items have been stolen.

After a very tiring week physically and emotionally, I was hoping for a relaxing Saturday morning with the family, one that would consist of a leisurely breakfast and cartoons (on dvd, of course). I was determined to stay in my pajamas to remind me that this is a day to just be. Travis made scrambled eggs.

And then there was a knock.

Gladys came with a question about money she thought the Clarks left for her.

Asita came for a key to clean the Myhre house.

Bhiwa came with a small boy with a health ailment.

Baluka John came to ask for money for his secondary school exams.

A Christian Couple came fearful that someone had done withcraft on them.

The eggs are cold.

We ate them anyway and he made some more eggs, in hopes to eat warm scrambled eggs.

And then there was a knock.

Robert came to talk about his school fee problems.

Kisembo came to ask for a contribution to Redeemer FM, the new radio station that the Semiliki Presbytery wants to create, and to ask about an advance for an ascari.

Alikanjero came to ask for clothes for ironing.

Sharifa came with her developmentally-delayed child who has a cough.

Joycie’s nephew came for a second opinion as he is recovering from cerebral malaria.

Eating cold eggs again.

But I am still in my pajamas! Hope springs eternal.


  1. Love this! God bless you guys as you are a blessing to others. hugs, hugs, hugs!!!

  2. Phew. I know that is apart of your life and calling but i'm sure it is exhausting.
    Hoping that you get some time to just have down time as a family.
    Glad Patton is better and you all are "home"
    Praying for you as you say goodbye to friends.

    Sending our love and hugs
    Katie for the Garretts

    we want to start a penny jar to one day visit you in Uganda
    but maybe for now we should just send our pennies to you:)