Thursday, May 12, 2011

Back home

It is good to be back home, though often when Amy and I lay down our heads we are not sure where that is. Lilli reminds us that home is where we are all together.

There are many blogs that are missing from the last month. In general the last month has been one of hosting, recouping, re-focusing and re-planning. After a year of juggling several good but time consuming projects and ministries, we were want to pare down so we could go deeper with relationships and in specific areas we felt led to minister. We met with the Myhres and Herrons (our bosses and mentors), prayed, journaled, thought and sought for a more focused life here. During the time we laughed, cried, got sick, played, lived without-with-without electricity and worked- the usual! Here are some photos to catch you up.

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We miss you,

Travis and Amy

Home at last! After slogging through 13 kilometers of mud and water, we made it!

Answered prayer? After canceling our subscription to satellite internet, maybe a new alternative was built near our backyard overnight! Thanks for the prayers and for the support. (It will still be months before this tower might bring internet capabilities to us.)

Life on the highway! Our kids have learned to go with the flow and make the best of every situation. Truly, home is where we are all together.
Our neighbor kids getting ready for our Easter celebration

Easter song, Lilli making her debut at our church service.

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