Thursday, May 26, 2011

Youth Sunday

Sunday was Youth Sunday at Bundimalinga New Life Presbyterian Church. Led by the son of our teaching elder, it was a joyful time of worship led by youth, young men and women that are in their 20s. Vincent Byamuntura preached the sermon in which he challenged us all that we are Jesus’ agent for change. We are encouraged by the hearts of these youth as they teach “children’s church” to about 60-75 kids each week, lead passionate songs and raps, and periodically, serve the community by slashing the health center compound.

This is the first generation to have been raised under the teaching that God’s love through Jesus is more powerful than the witchcraft that is practiced by their clans, to see that monogamous marriage is the best way, and to be able to complete a high school education. There is a need for discipleship of these youth, primarily the young men, that they can be grounded in the gospel, as they are reaching out to those even younger than themselves.

So, if you know of such disciplers who have a passion for investing in such men, send them our way! With a team of almost all women, we are ready for a “few good men!”

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