Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weekend Surprises

Lilli has proved to be an excellent Dog-Trainer
A wife of a MAF pilot sent me two dozen yellow roses as a belated “Happy Mother’s Day” from one missionary mother to another.

After a solid rain, the water tank in front of the old Leary-Nathan-Scott house, now called “Plumeria House” cracked and fell apart.

Despite the soggy airstrip, the SeeJesus Team was able to fly out after a day of great teaching at CSB.
Who knew that I could make funnel cakes in Bundibugyo?
Lilli and Patton had their first Sleep-Over as Kym and Lydia were stuck at our house due to a heavy-downpour of rain all afternoon and night!

Jessica surprised us with her enthusiasm for joining the kids in a good rain dance!

We are always surprised by the amazing sunsets over the Rwenzori Mountains.

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  1. These are photos of hope, friends! thanking God with you! many hugs