Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Chip Update

For those of you who have been praying for our Stateside teammate, Chrissy Chipriano, thank you. After her second surgery, the pathology report showed that the cancer had spread to one of the three lymph nodes. So, she is now in three weeks of intense preparation for radioactive iodine treatment. The reality of the word "cancer" has been very difficult for our spunky, cheerful, energetic, 22 year old to absorb. Please pray for grace and courage for both Chrissy and her family in the challenging weeks ahead of them. She recently reminded me of the words in Romans 8 that says that "all of creation groans" in desire for redemption of brokenness. Yes, even our broken bodies long for a day when all will be made whole and perfect.


  1. Hi Amy, Travis, and all the sweet Johnson children. Just wanted you to know I am so sorry Travis is ill and will be praying he feels much better soon. I am praying too for a relatively uneventful return to Bundi. Thanks for the update on Chrissy; she and her family remain in my prayers as well. God bless you all as you labor on there in Bundi-

    Much love-

  2. hi johnson's~ so sorry to hear of your sickness, and praying for a speedy recovery for all! praying for crissy too & maybe we'll get to talk with her about uganda while she's stateside getting treatment. Hopefully we'll get to touch base with you guys too when you are stateside in the fall. Blessings! Derek, Lauren & Lucy