Thursday, July 7, 2011

Good thing a picture is worth a thousand words..

Because there have been thousands of words to describe the many varied and unusual and mundane and tragic and exhilarating and exhausting and life-giving events that have created the span of these last few weeks. And as internet has been sparse, I am going to post them as fast as possible before losing connection...

In reverse order, a few of the happy highlights:

July 1st, we celebrated 10 years of marriage! Grateful to interns for doing a fabulous job caring for our children and for parents that believe in anniversary get-aways who footed the bill, we retreated to one of the most beautiful places on earth, Kyaninga Lodge.
Celebration Dinner for God's work through BundiNutrition!
Prayer for Pauline as she works in Mbararra and for Baguma Charles as he prepares to begin a degree in public health.
In our hilarious game of "pop the balloon that is tied onto your friend's ankle" this 8.5 month pregnant woman won! We were afraid she was going to pop!
The fun party group! (Notice Aidan is not so sure how fun this is!)
Faithful BundiNutrition worker Pauline
Ugandan Feast which was prepared by Asita and assisted by interns Olvie and Sarah
Sarah and Olvie are now close friends with Asita and son Alex who showed them how to prepare Uganda foods.
Patton is so proud that he made this race car from a kit sent by his buddy Chrissy
Sarah and Olvie did a great job in their "Amazing Race:Bundibugyo" tasks which included a scavenger hunt in which they had to navigate the market and language barriers to find the items in this photo.
"Amazing Race:Bundibugyo" task to make a Babwisi garden with Gladys
The kids are all smiles from the goodies sent by grandparents and friend that were in the luggage of the interns!
On Friday afternoons, the kids spend time with Vincent while we have team meeting. They decided to invite other children to have a musical parade so they sang church songs and played their instruments in hopes that kids would arrive. It was so sweet to see their ideas for reaching out to friends and to hear their precious voices sing praise songs!
Thank you, ECBC DI Community Group for sending us packages in the mail. It took about 3 months, but we were delighted to receive them!

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