Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fourth of July Festivities

This year's celebration of America's Independence and Foundation was celebrated without sparklers, but with much tradition in American food, much patriotism in song and parade, and much joy in friendship! We traveled to Fort Portal, 3 hours by dirt road, to celebrate with other Americans. And what a great day it was!
Early Morning Johnson Family Parade to WeeSing America Songs
Patton draws "fire that comes from a canon" for the parade.
Lilli's creativity by using what we have amazes me. She secretly worked on this flag in order to create the parade.
Aidan has been sick, refusing all foods except bananas. Thankfully, there is an abundance of bananas here!
Quite a parade!

Lilli and best buddy Kinley, two girls growing up in Africa who are oldest in a family of boys
Olvie and Bren share music with everyone.
Aidan and Patton play with the Cash's toys
On a team of all women, Travis is grateful for some "guy talk."
Karen from California
Hostess Cheryl provided a beautiful spread of food and a home of warm hospitality.
The patriotic Johnsons
The fun group of Americans in western Uganda
Aidan adores Lilli
Two kids that make the best of every situation!
Happy 4th of July!

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  1. OH MY GOSH! My little buddy Aidan is so NOT little anymore!!!!!