Sunday, December 4, 2011

Celebrating visitor 100 and 101!

I love in the movies when the unsuspecting shopper checks out and is surprised with confetti and a bevy of free gifts as they are the one thousandth shopper!

I wish that we had such amenities for our latest visitors, Shellie and Kevin Rees, for they win the prize for being our visitor 100 and 101!

While that number is dizzying to me as it reminds me of the many, many preparations for housing, meals, schedules, and meetings over the last 20 months, it also makes me smile to know that over 100 people have wanted to be here with us!

We met Shellie and Kevin when Travis did the prenatal care and delivery for their youngest child in North Carolina. A friendship was formed and fostered over the years over many different moves both in America and across the world. We were so grateful when they agreed to come to Bundibugyo and lead a Bible teaching conference for local pastors and a retreat for our team.

As I read their blog post recounting the events, I chuckled at how many "firsts" of their experience now are normal life for me now. I say this as I drink coffee that has sugar ants floating in it and it no longer bothers me. The link to their blog is

So, webele, Shellie and Kevin for being our 100 and 101 visitors. We are grateful for the way you led our community leaders and our team in worship.

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