Friday, December 2, 2011

Well Done, CSB!

We are grateful to announce the end of the school year for Christ School Bundibugyo! The students took their last exams today. Travis and Headmaster Edward have had 10 hour budget meetings. Edward met with parents this morning. A board meeting is scheduled for the morning. All students have now gone to their homes. So, to end the year well, we celebrated with the teachers over a homemade pizza dinner!
Scott Will, longtime Bundi friend and WHM Sudan teammate visits us this week.
Travis is sporting his new wood fire oven safety goggles!
Good friends bring good laughter.
The oven was hot tonight...and needed to be to feed 50 people!
Newest teammate Ann Kieser shows Eunice and Peter how to make their first pizzas!
Aidan is a pizza making professional at the age of 2.
Headmaster Edward and wife Christine lead the teachers in prayer.
Eunice is proud of her first pizza!
For most, this was their first time to make or eat pizza.
Ann, Vincent, and Akim
The kids' table.
Edward versus Alex in table tennis.
Justine and Juliet, two wonderful women teachers, beautifully make pizzas.
Travis thanks Kataramu Francis for his hard work this year.
And also appreciates Masereka Godfrey.

We are grateful for the hard work of the teachers and staff of CSB. We are also are humbled by the generous response of donors who support the school as it has struggled to make up the unexpected 28% inflation rate here in Uganda this school year. As we come to a successful close, we are filled with thanks to God. We will rest well tonight!


  1. What a fun post. Congrats on finishing well!

  2. So encouraging to see our friends at our house . . though it makes me homesick too. Thanks for all that work, that was a monumental undertaking. I remember having them all over for pizza years ago, and you're right, it was not a very satisfying meal for some . . Love to all.