Saturday, December 31, 2011

Farewell, DMC

We welcomed in 2012 in the capital city Kampala. The beauty of Kampala during holiday season is a decrease in traffic. It allows us to restock supplies and eat at real restaurants without spending too many hours sitting behind diesel taxi vans or dodging boda bodes. Being here also allows us to give our kids "eyeball time" in which our focus is them, not the million distractions or demands of life in Bundi. It has been a sweet time of family reconnection.

Though we have great hopes for the year (and a few resolutions too!), we did receive some sad news from our teammates back in Bundibugyo. DMC, our matriarch dairy cow, has died. We are all sad as she not only produced liters and liters of rich milk daily, but she also became a dear part of our life. Lilli learned to milk her. Daily, she and Patton would give her a head scratch on the way to school. DMC has served well, producing many, many offspring, several of which remain on the mission.

We will miss you, DMC.

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